Objet  - Former les gestionnaires de projets aux enjeux Sol et aux actions possibles pour lutter contre leur artificialisation. Modalités
  • Une formation didactique et ludique sous forme de workshop
  • Un groupe de 8 à 10 personnes
  • Une journée
Step 2. Data integration and delivery of the solution to the client. Once the basis is mapped and characterized, it is imported within the AmplifyNature software. As a result, the AmplifyNature solution presents the progress margins at each stage, between the current state and the target state.
Step 3. Your turn to play!  The evaluation of profits and benefits can be visualized, « manipulated » and discussed between the representatives of the different interpretations of the site. The AmplifyNature software becomes your property collaboration tool. Our « software team » guides you so that you can be independent.

PERNOD RICARD. This company wants to extend its factory and anticipate the compensation demands foreseeable from the next impact studies. AmplifyNature helps the client creating a compensation unit on its land perimeter.
VINCI. Within the context of an international contest, a construction company wishes to show the exemplary nature of its environmental approach, relying on AmplifyNature. After assessing the different projects entering the competition, AmplifyNature proves that the ecological potential is widely superior in the client's project than its competitor.
EIFFAGE. Within the context of the conception of an eco-district, AmplifyNature helps the contractor and gets them to only keep the best options to promote their project at a lower cost.

Simple, Measurable

SMART ecology. S like Simple, vou share your expertise with your collaborators. M like Measurable, you quantify each one of your actions before operating.


A like Ambitious, you boast unexpected progress margins amongst your properties.

Realistic, Temporal

R like Realistic, your make your economic goals easier. T like Temporal, you are able to show progress every year.